.05 Institutional Allocation and Notification.

A. At the beginning of each fiscal year, each eligible school shall be notified of the number of grant awards that may be awarded to students attending the school during the fiscal year.

B. Each eligible school shall be allocated a minimum of six grant awards for the fiscal year, subject to the availability of funding.

C. Any remaining grant awards shall be allocated proportionately based on student enrollment as follows:

(1) Each eligible school’s total enrollment for all eligible programs shall be divided by the total enrollment for all eligible programs offered by all eligible schools;

(2) The percent derived from the calculation in §C(1) of this regulation shall be multiplied by the total number of awards not allocated, and the result shall be the additional allocation per school; and

(3) Calculations under this section shall be based on the enrollments reported in the most recent annual reports submitted to the Commission by eligible schools for their eligible programs.