.07 Awarding Procedures.

A. A Delegate shall inform the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) when the Delegate has selected a recipient.

B. OSFA shall provide the Delegate with demographic student information of students assigned in their district. The Delegate is required to notify OSFA of their method of awarding and how the awards will be administered for the year.

C. If the Delegate requests that OSFA make awards on their behalf, student awards shall be determined based on eligibility criteria outlined in Regulation .02 of this chapter.

D. For each recipient selected, the delegate shall provide OSFA with written notification of the student’s:

(1) Full name;

(2) Social Security number;

(3) Date of birth;

(4) Address;

(5) Award amount;

(6) Name of school attending; and

(7) Enrollment status.

E. Upon receipt of the information in §D of this regulation, OSFA shall officially notify the student of the award offer.

F. An award recipient shall accept the Delegate award online through the Maryland College Aid Processing System (MDCAPS) within the time frame established by OSFA.

G. An award that is cancelled due to the lack of a timely response shall be reinstated upon written request provided that funds are available.

H. A Delegate may choose to utilize an outside organization in determining scholarship awards under the following provisions:

(1) The organization shall adhere to all pertinent statutory and regulatory provisions;

(2) OSFA shall send all information concerning applicants and the awarding of scholarship funds directly to the Delegate, who shall forward the information to the outside organization to recommend awards;

(3) The organization shall forward the names of all students recommended for an award to the Delegate’s office for approval;

(4) The Delegate shall forward all students selected for award to OSFA for processing; and

(5) The outside organization may not share any student information with any party other than the Delegate.