.03 Eligible Institutions.

A. The following are eligible institutions:

(1) A Maryland public or private college or university;

(2) A private career school approved to operate in Maryland by the Maryland Higher Education Commission;

(3) An out-of-State institution that makes special provisions for a disabled student if comparable special provisions are not available to that student at a Maryland institution; and

(4) An out-of-State institution if:

(a) The out-of-State institution offers a program that is not offered at an institution in Maryland;

(b) The applicant:

(i) Submits a written request to the Director of the Office of Student Financial Assistance requesting that the out-of-State institution be deemed an eligible institution;

(ii) The applicant identifies their major as one not offered at an institution in the State;

(iii) The applicant attaches a copy of the relevant section of the out-of-State institutionís catalog; and

(iv) The applicant provides the their full name, address, Social Security number, and State legislative district; and

(c) The Director of the Office of Student Financial Assistance approves the applicantís request.

B. The Director shall notify the applicant of a decision made under §A(4)(c) of this regulation within 45 days of receipt of the applicantís request.