.03 Application Procedures.

A. To be considered for the Hoffman LARP, an applicant shall provide to the Office for Student Financial Assistance (OSFA):

(1) A completed application;

(2) Current repayment data on all education loans;

(3) Proof that the applicant has:

(a) Graduated from a college or university in Maryland;

(b) Graduated from a school of law; or

(c) Obtained of a resident teacher certificate;

(4) A statement from an eligible employer confirming the nature of the applicant’s job, length of employment, full-time status, and annual salary; and

(5) A copy of the applicant’s Maryland tax return for the most recent available year or, if not filed with the State, a copy of the applicant’s most recent federal return. If the applicant has not filed a tax return, they shall submit verification from the IRS confirming nonfiling status.

B. Applications from law school students shall be received between July 1 and September 30 each year. Applicants shall be attending the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law or the University of Baltimore School of Law and be in their final year of school.

C. Applications from individuals possessing a Resident Teacher Certificate shall be received in the individual’s second year of the program and shall meet all the requirements in §A of this regulation.

D. Each applicant shall agree to provide any information or documentation requested by OSFA for the purpose of administering this program and, if requested, shall sign an authorization for the release of information to OFSA for the purpose of administering this program. An applicant’s failure or refusal to provide requested information or a signed release may result in a determination of ineligibility, the cancellation of an award, and the denial of a request for the deferment or waiver of a repayment obligation.