.04 Outdoor Facilities.

A. Regular Parking. The allowance is 300 square feet per car and the number of spaces is based upon the following:

(1) 75 percent—full-time faculty;

(2) 75 percent—staff;

(3) 75 percent—full-time day equivalent for on-campus credit and eligible noncredit courses; and

(4) 2 percent—visitors (2 percent of total authorized spaces).

B. Handicapped Parking. The parking stall shall be 9 feet wide with a 4-foot wide pedestrian space between each other stall reserved for the handicapped. These spaces shall be in addition to those identified as regular parking. Total reserved spaces shall conform to the following:

Total Parking Spaces on Lot Required Minimum Number of
Handicapped Accessible Spaces
Up to 25 1
26—50 2
51—75 3
76—100 4
101—150 5
151—200 6
201—300 7
301—400 8
401—500 9
501—1,000 2 percent of total
over 1,000 20 + 1 for each 100 over 1,000

C. Outdoor Physical Education and Recreational Facilities. Outdoor physical education and recreational facilities shall be based upon 100 square feet per headcount day student and justified by program requirements with a minimum of the following, if justified:

(1) Six tennis courts;

(2) Two fields, with a total of 300,000 square feet, one of which may have a track consisting of six lanes with an eight-lane straight-away.