.06 Optional Retirement Program.

A. There is an Optional Retirement Program established for the colleges.

B. The Commission staff shall determine the eligibility of a college employee following the filing of a certification of professional position signed by the college president.

C. A certification of professional position shall attest that the position:

(1) Requires, and the incumbent possesses, an earned baccalaureate or higher degree;

(2) Requires service of not less than half the working hours required of similar positions at the college, that is, the position is at least half-time;

(3) Requires use of skills which are predominantly mental or intellectual, rather than physical or manual;

(4) Is not considered by the college to be a clerical position; and

(5) Is not funded by federal or special funds, or from auxiliary enterprise operations.

D. A college president or any employee may request an exception to the above eligibility criteria and shall provide relevant information necessary to determine whether the exception shall be granted in the particular case.

E. Decisions on eligibility made by the Commission staff in accordance with this policy may be appealed to the Commission.