.01 Scope.

A. Except as otherwise provided, all regulations and policies of the Commission apply to both credit courses and programs and continuing education noncredit courses.

B. This subtitle applies to the Baltimore City Community College except for the following:

(1) COMAR 13B.07.02.02B;

(2) COMAR 13B.07.02.03B(1) and (2);

(3) COMAR 13B.07.02.03C(1), D, E, and F;

(4) COMAR 13B.07.02.04C;

(5) COMAR 13B.07.02.06;

(6) COMAR 13B.07.03; and

(7) COMAR 13B.07.04.01, .03, .04, .05, and .06.