.08 Appeal Process.

A. Notice of Denial of Transfer Credit by a Receiving Institution.

(1) Except as provided in §A(2) of this regulation, a receiving institution shall inform a transfer student in writing of the denial of transfer credit not later than mid-semester of the transfer student's first semester, if all official transcripts have been received at least 15 working days before mid-semester.

(2) If transcripts are submitted after 15 working days before mid-semester of a student's first semester, the receiving institution shall inform the student of credit denied within 20 working days of receipt of the official transcript.

(3) A receiving institution shall include in the notice of denial of transfer credit:

(a) A statement of the student's right to appeal; and

(b) A notification that the appeal process is available in the institution's catalog.

(4) The statement of the student's right to appeal the denial shall include notice of the time limitations in §B of this regulation.

B. A student believing that the receiving institution has denied the student transfer credits in violation of this chapter may initiate an appeal by contacting the receiving institution's transfer coordinator or other responsible official of the receiving institution within 20 working days of receiving notice of the denial of credit.

C. Response by Receiving Institution.

(1) A receiving institution shall:

(a) Establish expeditious and simplified procedures governing the appeal of a denial of transfer of credit; and

(b) Respond to a student's appeal within 10 working days.

(2) An institution may either grant or deny an appeal. The institution's reasons for denying the appeal shall be consistent with this chapter and conveyed to the student in written form.

(3) Unless a student appeals to the sending institution, the written decision in §C(2) of this regulation constitutes the receiving institution's final decision and is not subject to appeal.

D. Appeal to Sending Institution.

(1) If a student has been denied transfer credit after an appeal to the receiving institution, the student may request the sending institution to intercede on the student's behalf by contacting the transfer coordinator of the sending institution.

(2) A student shall make an appeal to the sending institution within 10 working days of having received the decision of the receiving institution.

E. Consultation Between Sending and Receiving Institutions.

(1) Representatives of the two institutions shall have 15 working days to resolve the issues involved in an appeal.

(2) As a result of a consultation in this section, the receiving institution may affirm, modify, or reverse its earlier decision.

(3) The receiving institution shall inform a student in writing of the result of the consultation.

(4) The decision arising out of a consultation constitutes the final decision of the receiving institution and is not subject to appeal.