.11 Institutional Operations.

An institution that is registered under this chapter shall:

A. Promptly notify the Commission of:

(1) A change in ownership or a change in majority control;

(2) A material change in the institution's financial status;

(3) A filing for bankruptcy protection under Title 11 of the U.S. Code;

(4) A change in the institution's business standing in the state in which the central administration of the institution is incorporated;

(5) Any communication received from the state authority that regulates the institution regarding institutional or program status with regard to online programs in which Maryland students are enrolled;

(6) Any communication from the institution's accrediting body that may impact the institution's status with the accrediting body; and

(7) Any notice of an adverse action, or potentially adverse action, against the institution by the U.S. Department of Education, including but not limited to any notice to the institution of a reduction of the institutionís financial responsibility composite score.

B. Comply with the principles of good practice for distance education in COMAR 13B.02.03;

C. Make refunds to Maryland students as required by Regulation .10 of this chapter;

D. Make public and post on its website:

(1) Information on its registration with the Commission; and

(2) The process for Maryland students to make complaints about the institution; and

E. Submit to the Secretary, by June 30 of each year, an annual report detailing the number of students placed at each internship, practicum, or field experience location within the State, in a form and manner required by the Secretary; and

F. Enroll no more than 10 Maryland students in a single program placed simultaneously at one site in the State in a supervised internship, practicum, or field experience, or otherwise operate in Maryland as defined in Subtitle 2 of this title, unless it first obtains a certificate of approval from the Commission in accordance with Subtitle 2 of this title.