.09 Maryland Instructor Certification Review Board Operations.

A. The MICRB shall maintain a current file of all MICRB certified instructors.

B. The MICRB shall maintain a roster of certified State emergency services instructors currently approved by the MICRB as evaluators. The organizations represented on the MICRB may recommend evaluators. The MICRB shall approve evaluators who have been recommended and who have completed an MICRB endorsed evaluator workshop. Only MICRB approved evaluators may carry out required evaluations of student teaching activities.

C. MICRB shall make available current lists of certified instructors, instructor trainers, and approved evaluators upon written request.

D. An agency submitting applicants to the MICRB for certification as a State emergency services instructor, evaluator, or instructor trainer shall certify that the candidate has successfully completed each stage of the instructor-training approval process. The MICRB shall prepare and furnish standardized forms.

E. The members, or alternates, in attendance at the MICRB meeting shall make certification decisions by a majority vote. The MICRB shall notify the applicant and sponsoring agency of the action within 30 calendar days following the meeting.

F. An instructor candidate denied State certification or recertification by the MICRB may appeal the decision in writing. The candidate shall direct the appeal to the chairman of the MICRB within 30 calendar days from receipt of notification of action taken by the MICRB. If counsel represents the candidate, counsel shall advise the MICRB of the request for appeal.

G. The MICRB shall hear the appeal at the next scheduled meeting, but not less than 30 calendar days, or more than 60 calendar days from the date of receipt of the appeal.

H. The MICRB shall notify the instructor candidate of the date of the appeal hearing. The instructor candidate or counsel, or both, may attend the hearing.

I. The MICRB shall notify the instructor candidate within 30 calendar days following the hearing, stating the final decision of the MICRB.

J. The MICRB shall oversee the standards, ethics, and conduct of the State instructor certification process. The MICRB shall make recommendations to the MFRETC for modifications as needed.

K. The Maryland Higher Education Commission shall approve the proposed amendments to the process and these regulations.