.05 Certification.

A. Certification Criteria. A certificate for an individual approved as an instructor trainer is valid for 3 years after the date of approval by the MICRB, if the candidate:

(1) Meets the requirements as specified;

(2) Has evidence of academic achievement to meet these requirements documented by an official transcript from the college or university and has the institution send it to the MICRB;

(3) Has at least two satisfactory evaluations by a certified instructor trainer or individual designated by the MICRB before the evaluation; and

(4) Is recommended by the employing agency or agency having jurisdiction within the State.

B. If the instructor trainer candidate is currently certified as a State emergency services instructor at the time of the candidate's initial certification as an instructor trainer, the instructor trainer certification will run concurrently with the State emergency services instructor certification.

C. To retain approval, an instructor trainer shall teach at least 60 hours in a 3-year certification cycle, 30 of which shall be in instructor training, have at least one successful evaluation in the 3-year certification period by an approved instructor trainer, and complete one of the following requirements:

(1) Successfully complete a 3 credit-hour course in educational methodology, or the equivalent of 3 credit hours on in-service professional development;

(2) Successfully complete 12 hours of continuing education in an approved professional development seminar for instructors; or

(3) Research, develop, and teach a professional development seminar for instructors of at least 3 hours in length.

D. An instructor trainer who does not meet currency requirements may reapply after satisfactory completion of §C(1), (2), or (3) of this regulation and be recommended by the sponsoring agency. The MICRB shall review the entire file and may require the applicant to complete other certification requirements.