.02 Definitions.

A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) “Application process” means the date the Application for State Emergency Services Instructor Certification or Recertification is received from the sponsoring agency by the MICRB.

(2) "Approval" means approval as statutorily applied to the Maryland Fire-Rescue Education and Training Commission (MFRETC) as an agency of the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), under Education Article, §11-105, Annotated Code of Maryland, before a postsecondary institution can award a certificate, diploma, or degree to an individual.

(3) "Certification" means to verify that an individual has met the requirements of these standards.

(4) "Emergency services" means fire, rescue, and emergency medical services, with emergency medical services also meaning "emergency care" as related to training.

(5) "Field evolutions" means a structured training exercise designed to complete a specific training objective.

(6) "Local emergency services instructor" means an individual who is designated to instruct by the local jurisdiction.

(7) "Local jurisdiction" means any city, county, municipal, or State government, public fire-rescue or emergency medical services department, State-approved public school, or postsecondary institution providing emergency services training or education, and other institutions as approved by the Maryland Instructor Certification Review Board (MICRB).

(8) "Maryland Instructor Certification Review Board (MICRB)" means an independent five-member board created as a unit within the University System of Maryland which is responsible for the administration of the Emergency Services Instructor Certification Program and the issuance of certificates under that program.

(9) "Sponsoring agency" means a local jurisdiction submitting a candidate for certification.

(10) "State emergency services instructor" means an individual who is certified to be an emergency services instructor by the MICRB.

(11) "Supporting services" means nonteaching support rendered in the emergency services area, usually in an administrative or communication capacity in the career or volunteer service.

(12) "Training supervisor" means an individual who is a MICRB certified State emergency services instructor and who directly supervises certified State emergency services instructors on a full-time basis.