.08 Termination of an In-State Institutionís Participation in SARA.

A. If the Secretary finds that an in-State SARA institution fails to meet the requirements of this chapter, the Secretary may:

(1) Issue a notice of deficiencies to the institution; or

(2) If the institution meets the requirements of Regulation .04C of this chapter, permit the institution to participate in SARA on provisional status, subject to the requirements of Regulation .04D of this chapter.

B. Within 20 days of receipt of the notice of deficiencies, the institution shall respond in writing to the Secretaryís notice, setting forth the institutionís objections to the Secretaryís findings.

C. Within 20 days of receipt of the institutionís written response to the notice of deficiencies, or if the Secretary receives no written response, the Secretary shall issue a decision on whether to terminate the institutionís participation in SARA.

D. The Secretaryís decision to terminate an institutionís participation in SARA may be reviewed under Regulation .09 of this chapter.