.07 Student Complaints Against In-State SARA Institutions.

A. Scope.

(1) This regulation applies to SARA distance education provided by in-State SARA institutions to students residing in Maryland, and to students residing in other states.

(2) This regulation does not affect or limit the rights of students or of the State to pursue other remedies available under the law, including the Maryland Consumer Protection Act.

B. A student who receives SARA distance education from an in-State SARA institution may, after the student has exhausted the institutionís procedures for the resolution of grievances, and within 2 years of the incident about which the complaint is made, file a written complaint to the Commission, in a form prescribed by the Secretary, alleging that the institution:

(1) Has engaged in dishonest or fraudulent activity; or

(2) Has operated a course or a program contrary to practices set forth in the C-RAC guidelines in a way that has harmed the student.

C. A complaint made under §B of this regulation may include, but is not limited to, allegations that the institution provided false or misleading:

(1) Recruitment or marketing materials;

(2) Job placement data;

(3) Information about tuition, fees, or financial aid;

(4) Information about admission requirements;

(5) Information about the institutionís accreditation;

(6) Information about whether course work meets relevant professional licensing requirements or the requirements of specialized accrediting bodies; and

(7) Information about the transferability of course work to other institutions.

D. The Secretary shall send a copy of a complaint received under §C of this regulation to the institution that is the subject of the complaint.

E. Within 30 days of the date that the Secretary sends a copy of a complaint received under §D of this regulation to an institution, the institution shall provide a written response in a form prescribed by the Secretary.

F. Within 30 days of the date the Secretary receives the institutionís response under §E of this regulation, or if the Secretary receives no response under §E of this regulation, the Secretary shall issue a notice to the institution containing:

(1) The Secretaryís findings regarding the complaint;

(2) The actions that the institution shall take, if any, to comply with the requirements set forth in this chapter; and

(3) The consequences of failing to take the actions prescribed by the Secretary, which may include the termination of the institutionís participation in SARA under Regulation .08 of this chapter.