.29 Change of Program Modality.

A. Subject to COMAR 13B.02.03.22, an institution that has received approval to operate a program may add, change, suspend, or discontinue a program modality if the institution provides advance notice to the Commission in accordance with §B of this regulation.

B. An institutionís notice to the Commission shall include:

(1) The name and degree of the program;

(2) The HEGIS and CIP code of the program;

(3) A description of, and rationale for, the addition, change, suspension, or discontinuation of program modality;

(4) An affirmation that the programís most recently approved curriculum and objectives are coherent, cohesive, and comparable, regardless of program modality;

(5) The planned implementation date of the addition, change, suspension, or discontinuation of program modality; and

(6) For any suspension or discontinuation of a program modality:

(a) The number of students enrolled in the program who are using that program modality and their expected graduation dates; and

(b) A plan that covers each of the students using the programís modality to ensure that:

(i) The studentís time to completion of the program is not increased; and

(ii) Students and faculty continue to have access to course material, student services, and academic support for the duration of the program.

C. The Commission shall review the notice to determine whether it is complete under §B of this regulation, and whether the program subject to the modality change received approval from the Commission. If, upon review of the notice, the Commission determines that the notice is incomplete or that the program has not received Commission approval:

(1) The Commission shall notify the institution of the missing information or the lack of approval;

(2) The institution shall withdraw the notice, submit the missing information, or submit a program proposal or substantial modification proposal, as applicable; and

(3) The institution may not commence a program until it has been approved by the Commission under this chapter.

D. Effect on Conditional Program Approvals.

(1) This regulation may not be construed to expand program approval beyond any conditions, including geographic restrictions, that the Commission placed upon the original approval of the program.

(2) An institution may not operate a program in violation of the geographic restrictions or other conditions placed upon the program by the Commission unless it first receives approval for a new program, or approval for a substantial modification of the program, under Regulation .03 of this chapter.