.21 Closed Sites.

A. An in-State institution maintaining full and unconditional accreditation from an accrediting association recognized by the United States Department of Education and approval from the Commission may respond to the request of a sponsoring agent to offer a previously approved program at an off-campus site selected by the sponsoring agent solely for the sponsoring agentís employees by submitting a letter of notification to the Secretary.

B. A letter of notification shall describe the program and affirm that there is access to library resources and faculty consistent with the scope and nature of the offerings.

C. A program may be offered through traditional means as well as through various distance education formats.

D. General Public.

(1) The general public may not be recruited or admitted to these programs.

(2) If an institution elects to open the program beyond the sponsoring agentís designated employees, the Commission's policies and procedures for off-campus programs apply.