.19 Parallel Programs and Recommended Transfer Programs.

A. Community colleges and public 4-year institutions of higher education may have parallel programs that have comparable objectives. For example, a transfer program in psychology in a community college is considered a parallel program to a bachelorís program in psychology at a public 4-year institution of higher education.

B. If a parallel program exists at a community college and a public 4-year institution, the public 4-year institutionís program proposal shall provide evidence that:

(1) The recommended transfer program (RTP) is developed and will be disseminated in cooperation with the community college; and

(2) The RTPs are available to students through ARTSYS or in written form.

C. A recommended transfer program (RTP) shall consist of a program that includes both general education and courses in the undergraduate major, taken at a community college, that are:

(1) Applicable to a bachelorís degree at a public 4-year institution; and

(2) Ordinarily the first 2 years of the bachelorís degree.

D. In order to foster articulation with K—12, community colleges shall also identify parallel curricula to secondary schools.