.14 Finances.

A. The resource requirements of a program shall be consistent with COMAR 13B.02.02.21, and analyzed by the Commission in order to assess the adequacy of the sources of funds to support a quality program. This analysis shall:

(1) Ensure that the program will be efficient in its resource utilization; and

(2) Assess the impact of the program on the institution's overall need for funds.

B. The institution shall complete forms supplied by the Commission concerning resource categories and expenditure categories:

(1) In sufficient detail to permit the Secretary to make a judgment on the adequacy of resources; and

(2) With narrative explanation accompanying the entries in the tables.

C. The proposed program shall be supported by at least one of the following sources of funds:

(1) Reallocation of existing campus resources, including the discontinuance or downsizing of an existing program or organizational unit;

(2) Tuition and fee revenue from students new to the institution enrolling in the new program;

(3) Grants and contracts; or

(4) Sources, other than those in §C(1), (2), and (3) of this regulation, specifically designated for the program, with backup information and documentation of these resources provided with the proposal.