.13 Physical Facilities and Instructional Equipment.

A. For new programs offered at an institutionís principal location, the institution shall ensure that:

(1) Physical facilities, infrastructure, and instructional equipment are consistent with COMAR 13B.02.02.20, and adequate to initiate the new program;

(2) Spaces are provided for classrooms and for staff and faculty offices; and

(3) Laboratories for studies in the technologies and sciences are designed to provide maximum utilization of facilities, materials, and equipment.

B. An institution offering courses off-campus that require laboratory facilities, specialized equipment such as computer terminals and audiovisual aids, or other special resources shall ensure that appropriate facilities and instructional equipment requirements are met.

C. An institution offering distance education shall ensure that students and faculty have adequate access to:

(1) An institutional electronic mailing system; and

(2) A learning management system that provides the necessary technological support for distance education.