.04 Delegation of Program Responsibility.

A. The Commission has delegated to the Secretary the responsibility and authority to act in its behalf on program proposals for new programs and substantial modifications submitted by institutions of higher education operating in Maryland under Education Article, §§11-206 and 11-206.1, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. Delegation Subject to Conditions and Limitations.

(1) The Secretary shall prepare and present a report to the Commission at each meeting summarizing all actions taken since the prior report, and the report may include:

(a) The name of the program proposal or articulation agreement;

(b) The degree to be offered;

(c) The name of the proposing institution;

(d) The relationship to institutional and segment role and mission;

(e) The relationship to the goals, objectives, and initiatives of the State Plan; and

(f) The disposition of the program proposal.

(2) If the Secretary approves, disapproves, recommends for, or recommends against a program proposal, the proposing or objecting institutions are entitled, on request, to have the matter reviewed by the Commission in accordance with the Commission's procedures in Regulation .28 of this chapter.

(3) The Secretary shall report to the Commission every 2 years on programs experiencing low productivity.