.03-1 Review of Extant Curricular Offerings as an area of Concentration at Community Colleges.

A. In this regulation, “sequential arrangement” means an arrangement of approved courses comprising between 12 and 30 semester hours offered by a community college on or before June 30, 2014.

B. A community college that has publicized a sequential arrangement as an “option” for students may submit a program proposal as provided in §C of this regulation to have the sequential arrangement approved as an area of concentration.

C. A community college may request that the Commission approve a sequential arrangement as an area of concentration by submitting a proposal that:

(1) Provides the area of concentration name;

(2) Outlines the curriculum design, including course descriptions, names, and credit hours;

(3) Explains the centrality of the proposed area of concentration to the institution’s mission;

(4) Identifies when the option first became available; and

(5) Identifies with specificity:

(a) The educational need for the area of concentration, to include the regional or statewide need as identified in the State Plan; or

(b) The transfer and articulation arrangements that the area of concentration will facilitate or support.

D. Notwithstanding the provisions of regulation 13B.02.03.02-1, the Secretary may establish program review fees for singular and multiple options submitted under this regulation.

E. A request that a sequential arrangement be approved as an area of concentration must be submitted to the Commission by June 30, 2017.