.02-1 Program Review Fees.

A. Except as provided in §C of this regulation, each institution of higher education shall pay an academic program review fee for each program review action as provided in this regulation.

B. The following schedule sets forth the fees for academic program review actions.

Category Actions Covered Fee
No Fee
  • Articulation Agreement
  • Code Change
  • Request for Proposal from Community College
  • $0
    Nominal Fee
  • Discontinued Program
  • Suspend Program
  • Reactivate Program
  • Change Program Title
  • Notification of a Change in Program Modality
  • Non-Substantial Program Change
  • Substantial Change to Area of Concentration
  • Substantial Change to Certificate Program
  • $50
    Modest Fee
  • New Area of Concentration
  • New Certificate Program Within an Existing Program
  • Closed Site Approval
  • Statewide and Health Manpower Designations
  • Substantial Change to Degree Program
  • Off-Campus Program
  • $250
    Substantial Fee
  • New Stand-Alone Certificate Program
  • New Academic Program
  • BTPS Program
  • Cooperative Degree Program
  • New Academic Program At Approved Out-of-State Institution Within a Non-Renewal Year
  • $850
    New Degree Level Fee
  • New Degree Level Approval
  • $5,000 for up to two degree programs plus $1,000 for each degree program over two programs

    C. An institution of higher education requesting a program review action related to a program offered at a regional higher education center is exempt from payment of an academic program review fee.