.22 Catalog and Official Publications.

A. General Requirements.

(1) An in-State institution shall publish in print or electronically on a regular and continuing basis an official catalog that describes the institution and its program and course offerings accurately and completely.

(2) The catalog is the official document of the institution.

(3) The catalog and other publications of the institution shall present accurate, up-to-date information about the administration and operation of the institution.

(4) The institution shall make the catalog available to all students before the beginning of the period of instruction covered by the catalog and during that period of instruction.

(5) An institution shall ensure that all publications containing information normally included in the catalog are consistent with the catalog.

B. The catalog or other appropriate publications shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

(1) The date of publication;

(2) The current academic calendar;

(3) A comprehensive table of contents and appropriate indices;

(4) A statement of the origin and the objectives of the institution;

(5) The roster of the official governing board;

(6) A complete roster of faculty and administrators showing earned degrees and the granting institution;

(7) The entrance requirements, academic regulations, support services, graduation requirements, and general procedures;

(8) The financial policies of the institution, including all costs, schedule of payments, and refunds of all types of charges for academic and other services;

(9) A detailed description of all types of financial assistance available from the institution, including private, State, and federal programs;

(10) A description of each course and each program and its prerequisites, if applicable, to be offered during the year or years for which the catalog is issued;

(11) A clear indication if a particular course is not offered regularly;

(12) A full description of student support services, including:

(a) Personal counseling;

(b) Academic counseling and advisement;

(c) Health services;

(d) Services for veterans, disadvantaged individuals, and other special groups;

(e) Intercollegiate athletics and recreation;

(f) Extracurricular activities;

(g) Cooperative work experiences;

(h) Student participation in institutional decision making;

(i) Alumni activities;

(j) Housing;

(k) Food services; and

(l) Bookstore;

(13) A statement of student rights and responsibilities, including:

(a) A student grievance procedure;

(b) Constraints on students, such as automobiles, parking, and parietal rules, including rules for the maintenance of order on campus and in other facilities under the institution's control; and

(c) A contact office for the resolution of complaints;

(14) A statement of nondiscrimination, student privacy legislation, and provisions for barrier-free access to the handicapped in accordance with State and federal regulations, if applicable; and

(15) For public institutions, the Commission's student transfer policies.

C. Statements and policies contained in official publications shall be in accordance with State and federal law.