.19 Student Services and Activities.

A. Student services and activities shall realistically reflect the stated objectives, purposes, and philosophy of the in-State institution. The needs and welfare of students shall be of primary concern if there is to be motivation toward worthwhile academic achievement. Student policies shall encourage associations among students, faculty, and the administration, and shall provide opportunities for the development of individual potential.

B. An in-State institution shall ensure that all students have access to a well developed program of counseling, testing, advisement, orientation, financial aid, career development, placement, health services, food dispensing, and a college bookstore. The institution may determine specific organization of services, as well as the resources and staffing provided, as long as provision for the services noted in this section is made.

C. Student activities that complement the instructional program are particularly encouraged. An in-State institution should establish student government organizations that are representative and provide a responsible forum for student views as well as a vehicle for student input into institutional decision making. While participation in varsity athletics, student organization, and student governance is a valuable adjunct to the instructional program, these activities are not part of the instructional program itself, and the institution may not award academic credit for participation in these activities.

D. An in-State institution shall keep complete and accurate records of admission, enrollment, grades, scholarships, transfer of credits, transcripts, graduates, and other essentials in accordance with standard practice.

E. An in-State institution shall:

(1) Maintain student records in accordance with acceptable national standards regarding institutions of higher education;

(2) Ensure the physical security and confidentiality of student records, and store physical records in fire-proof cabinets;

(3) Have adequate security to prevent loss of records maintained in electronic systems; and

(4) Have a document security plan appropriate to its record-keeping system.

F. An in-State institution shall develop a statement of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of students, and make this statement available to students through the catalog, student handbook, or other appropriate means.

G. An in-State institution shall adhere to published student grievance procedures that assure a fair and timely review of student complaints.