.14 Mission and Goals.

A. An in-State institution shall have a statement of mission and goals.

B. An adequate statement of institutional goals shall incorporate:

(1) The institutional identity, to include:

(a) A summary of the institution's character and purpose;

(b) A designation of the institution's functional emphasis as instruction, research, or public service;

(c) The degree levels offered and relative emphasis given to undergraduate and graduate instruction; and

(d) The institution's current or proposed Carnegie classification;

(2) The constituencies served by the institution, including:

(a) A general description of the student body, including:

(i) The geographic origin of students, and

(ii) Admission standards and the anticipated academic preparation of entering students;

(b) Relationships with special constituencies such as elementary and secondary schools, government, business, and industry; and

(3) The institution's instructional program emphasis.

C. Publication of Mission and Goals.

(1) An in-State institution shall publish a comprehensive statement of its mission that is consistent with Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, with the philosophy of the institution's board, and with the Maryland State Plan for Postsecondary Education.

(2) The in-State institution shall set forth the statement in §C(1) of this regulation in the institution's catalog.

D. The institution shall periodically review its mission and goals statement. For public institutions, this statement shall remain consistent with the identification of the role, function, and mission of the institution of higher education and segment of higher education as established in the Commission's Statewide plan, as revised from time to time.