.12 Off-Campus Instruction.

A. In-State institutions may offer credit-bearing course work amounting to less than 1/3 of the required course work of a major field of study leading to a degree or certificate at a location other than that of the sponsoring institution/campus without Commission approval.

B. Off-Campus Programs.

(1) An in-State institution shall obtain the Secretary's approval or recommendation for off-campus programs before students are enrolled.

(2) With the exception of public associate-degree granting institutions offering instruction within their primary service area, if an in-State institution wishes to offer off-campus programs during any 12-month period, the institution shall submit a proposal and a request for approval through its governing board to the Commission in accordance with instructions provided by the Secretary. The Secretary shall review and act upon the application for an off-campus program under procedures established by the Commission.

C. When an in-State institution applies for approval of a third off-campus program at a specific proposed off-campus site, the sponsoring institution shall submit to the Secretary a plan for the future development of that site and a request for review and response to that plan in a format provided by the Secretary.

D. The Secretary shall evaluate the off-campus site under the requirements and procedures established in this chapter and shall approve the off-campus site if it is satisfied that the off-campus site satisfies the minimum requirements in this chapter.