.10 New Degrees.

A. If an in-State institution wishes to offer a new degree not previously offered by the institution unless already controlled by Regulation .06 of this chapter, the institution, through its governing board, shall submit a proposal and request the Commission to assess the readiness of the institution to grant the degree in accordance with Commission policies and procedures.

B. Review.

(1) In response to a request for approval of a new degree, the Secretary may appoint a team to make an on-site visit. If appointed, the team's assessment and recommendations shall be presented to the Secretary.

(2) The institution is responsible for the costs of the review.

(3) The Secretary shall grant full approval to an institution exhibiting the capability to award a new degree.

(4) The Secretary may grant conditional approval to an institution demonstrating potential capability to award the degree.

(5) The Secretary shall prepare a report for the Commission on the Secretary's action.

C. Associate Degree-Granting Authority.

(1) The Secretary may not grant approval to offer new associate degrees to:

(a) A public institution granting baccalaureate or higher degrees; or

(b) A private institution granting baccalaureate or higher degrees that does not offer an associate degree.

(2) In extraordinary situations, the Secretary may grant approval to offer a new associate degree-level program to a private institution granting baccalaureate or higher degrees that offers associate degrees when that program is justified by the:

(a) Institution's mission;

(b) Unique nature of the program; and

(c) Need for the program.