.02 Scope and Applicability.

A. The requirements in this chapter apply to all in-State institutions that require or seek a certificate of approval to operate, or continue to operate, and grant formal awards within the State. Those private in-State institutions that are exempt under charters granted by the General Assembly, as provided in Education Article, §11-202(c), Annotated Code of Maryland, are covered under §D of this regulation and Regulations .05, .10, .11, and .12 of this chapter.

B. The requirements in this chapter also apply to existing in-State institutions that are seeking approval to offer a new degree level in Maryland.

C. The approval granted to an in-State institution to operate and award degrees applies only to the formal awards, instructional programs, and locations designated in the certificate of approval and is not applicable to off-campus programs that are separately authorized by the Commission.

D. Programs to be reviewed under this authority include:

(1) New certificates or degree levels;

(2) Off-campus program offerings; and

(3) Program suspensions or discontinuances.