.01 Purpose.

A. This chapter implements the provisions of Education Article, §§11-201—11-204, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. The purpose of this chapter is to require that in-State institutions:

(1) Maintain intellectual and academic integrity;

(2) Have adequate financial resources and be operated in accordance with acceptable principles of sound financial management;

(3) Have a clearly defined mission, with goals and objectives consistent with the purposes of higher education;

(4) Consistently maintain a faculty, a program of instruction, physical facilities, and resources adequate to the:

(a) Satisfactory realization of its mission and goals, and

(b) Attainment of educational quality;

(5) Admit, retain, and graduate only those students who meet quantitatively and qualitatively creditable standards of achievement appropriate to the institution;

(6) Issue announcements that accurately portray to the public the purposes and practices of the institution;

(7) Provide appropriate student services; and

(8) Operate under an effective administrative structure.

C. An in-State institution shall maintain a broad and firm foundation of general education supportive of and complementary to specialized areas of knowledge. The depth and breadth of the general education component are of paramount significance in providing students with the intellectual tools necessary to deal effectively with personal, social, and political issues.

D. This chapter is to be interpreted to encourage and permit innovations aimed at improving the effectiveness of higher education through the use of new technologies, techniques, and modes of delivery that are consistent with quality education.