.02 Disclosure of Information from Licensing Records.

A. Except as prohibited or restricted by applicable law or regulation, the custodian of record may make the following information from licensing records available to a requester:

(1) Findings of inspections conducted by the office in registered child care homes;

(2) Records of complaint forms pertaining to confirmed or unsubstantiated complaints;

(3) Copies of certificates of registration, including those on provisional status;

(4) Variances;

(5) Correspondence and documents requiring abatement of noncompliance with the regulations of this subtitle, including compliance agreements;

(6) Correspondence and documents pertaining to enforcement actions taken by the Department or office against a provider or a child care home, including denial letters, sanctions, emergency suspensions, and revocations; and

(7) Correspondence regarding requests for inspection of licensing records under this regulation.

B. The custodian of record may not disclose sociological information to a requester, except that this information may be disclosed:

(1) To public employees in the performance of their public duties;

(2) To parties litigating claims for unemployment insurance to the extent the sociological information would be available to private parties in litigation; or

(3) When required by a duly issued subpoena.