.08 Child Records.

A. The provider shall maintain a cumulative record for each child enrolled in the educational program.

B. Each child's record shall include the:

(1) Nonpublic nursery school's name;

(2) Nonpublic nursery school's address;

(3) Nonpublic nursery school's telephone number;

(4) Child's first, middle, and last names;

(5) Child's month, day, and year of birth;

(6) Child's home address;

(7) Month, day, and year the child initially entered the educational program;

(8) Age on enrollment in the educational program;

(9) Month, day, and year the child withdrew from the educational program, if applicable;

(10) Child's performance information in each curricular area;

(11) Code for the meaning of performance information; and

(12) Number of days the child attended in each school year.

C. The requirements of §B(1)—(8) of this regulation are met by compliance with child record requirements set forth at COMAR 13A.18.03.04C.

D. Age of Admission.

(1) Except as provided by §D(2) of this regulation, a child shall be 2 years old, 3 years old, or 4 years old on or before September 1 of a school year to be age-eligible for admission during that school year to a nonpublic nursery school program approved under this chapter.

(2) A nonpublic nursery school may adopt policies and procedures permitting, on request by a child's parent or guardian, and if a nonpublic nursery school determines that a child demonstrates capabilities warranting early admission, a:

(a) 2-year-old child to be admitted to a 3-year-old nursery school program; or

(b) 3-year-old child to be admitted to a 4-year-old nursery school program.