.06 Personnel Qualifications.

A. Educational Program Administrator.

(1) The educational program shall have an administrator who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the educational program.

(2) The educational program administrator at a minimum shall meet the standards established in §B(3) of this regulation.

(3) The provider shall have a written position description that states the duties and responsibilities of the educational program administrator.

(4) The educational program administrator shall have sufficient time during each educational program day to carry out the duties and responsibilities stated in the written position description of the educational program administrator.

B. Teachers.

(1) An educational program shall have a teacher to implement the educational program in each class.

(2) A teacher, regardless of whether the employment status of the teacher is full-time, part-time, paid, volunteer, or substitute, shall meet the requirements of §B(3) of this regulation.

(3) A teacher who provides instruction in language and literacy development, mathematical and scientific thinking, or social studies shall hold or have completed:

(a) A bachelor's degree from an IHE;

(b) 120 semester hours of college credit from an IHE; or

(c) A foreign credential that is determined by the Department to be equivalent to a bachelor's degree from an IHE.

(4) In addition to meeting the requirements of §B(3) of this regulation, a teacher employed in a Montessori program shall also hold a Montessori diploma for the level of the individual’s assignment.

(5) If the degree, college credit, or foreign credential required under §B(3) of this regulation does not include at least 6 semester hours of approved early childhood coursework, the teacher shall, in addition:

(a) Hold or have completed:

(i) The Child Development Associate Credential issued by the Child Development Associate National Credentialing Program; or

(ii) 6 semester hours, 90 clock hours or their equivalent of approved preservice training; or

(b) Be certified by the Department as a teacher for early childhood in nursery through third grade.

(6) An individual approved as a teacher by the Department before July 1, 2010, shall remain qualified for that position as long as the individual is continuously employed as a teacher.

(7) A teacher in an educational program shall complete at least 12 clock hours of approved continued training per full year of employment, measured from date of hire, in that position.

C. An individual who provides assistance to a teacher in a class is not required to meet the requirements of §B(3) or (7) of this regulation.

D. Written Statement of Teacher Qualifications. A provider shall:

(1) Maintain a written statement of the qualifications of each teacher who implements the educational program; and

(2) On request by a parent or legal guardian of a child enrolled, or being considered for enrollment, in the educational program, give to the parent or legal guardian a written statement of the qualifications of each teacher who implements the educational program.