.05 Compliance and Inspections.

A. Continued approval to operate an educational program is conditioned on the provider's maintaining compliance with this chapter.

B. To evaluate compliance with this chapter, the office may inspect the educational program, with or without prior notice to the provider, at any time during the approved hours of operation of the program.

C. During an inspection, the provider shall permit the Department representative access to any activity, person, material, document, or other information or source of information connected with the educational program that is considered necessary by the Department representative for the purpose of the inspection.

D. Following each inspection of the educational program, the office shall provide the provider with a written report of all findings of the inspection.

E. If the educational program fails to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this chapter, the office shall notify the provider in writing of the:

(1) Regulation or regulations with which the program does not demonstrate compliance;

(2) Fact or facts that demonstrate the program's noncompliance with each regulation;

(3) Action or actions the provider is required to take to demonstrate compliance with each regulation; and

(4) Date by which the program is required to demonstrate compliance with each regulation.

F. Sanctions.

(1) Failure to maintain compliance with applicable requirements of this chapter may result in a sanction by the office, including restriction, suspension, or revocation of the approval to operate the educational program.

(2) Sanctions against an educational program located in a child care home may be severable.