.03 Food Sources.

A. A provider shall furnish food at the child care home only if it is wholesome and free from spoilage, filth, or other contamination and obtained from sources that comply with all laws relating to food, food processing, food handling, and food labeling.

B. A provider may not provide to the children home-canned goods or any other hermetically sealed food prepared in a place other than a registered food processing establishment.

C. A provider:

(1) Shall provide only fluid milk and fluid milk products that are:

(a) Pasteurized Grade A;

(b) Except as provided by §C(3) of this regulation, served from the original container; and

(c) Not more than 4 days older than the expiration date marked on the original container;

(2) Except as provided at Regulation .06D of this chapter, may use dry milk, dry milk products, or reconstituted dry milk only for cooking purposes; and

(3) For meals and snacks, may serve milk family-style from a pitcher or similar container into which the milk has been poured from the original container.