.01 Emergency Safety Requirements.

A. Emergency and Disaster Plan.

(1) The provider or a staff member shall:

(a) Complete emergency preparedness training that is approved by the office; and

(b) As part of the approved emergency preparedness training, prepare a written emergency and disaster plan for the child care home.

(2) The provider shall maintain the emergency and disaster plan prepared in accordance with §A(1)(b) of this regulation.

(3) The emergency and disaster plan shall:

(a) Establish procedures for:

(i) Evacuating the child care home, including an evacuation route;

(ii) Relocating staff and children to a designated safe site;

(iii) Sheltering in place in the event that evacuation is not feasible;

(iv) Notifying parents of children in care; and

(v) Addressing the individual needs of children, including children with special needs;

(b) Contain:

(i) The name of, and contact information for the local emergency operations center;

(ii) Assignment of staff responsibilities during an emergency or disaster;

(iii) A list of local emergency services numbers; and

(iv) The radio station call sign and frequency for the local Emergency Alert System;

(c) Be practiced by staff and children at least:

(i) Once per month for fire evacuation; and

(ii) Twice per year for other emergency and disaster situations; and

(d) Be updated at least annually.

(4) A copy of the emergency escape route floor plan shall be posted in each area and room in the child care home.

(5) Each staff member shall be oriented to the contents of the written emergency and disaster plan required at §A(2) of this regulation.

(6) In the event of a declared emergency, the provider shall be prepared to respond as directed by the local emergency management agency through sources of public information.

(7) During an emergency evacuation or practice, a staff member shall take attendance records out of the child care home and determine the presence of each child currently in attendance.

B. If the child care home is included within a comprehensive emergency and disaster plan, the provider shall ensure that:

(1) The comprehensive plan contents meet all emergency and disaster plan requirements set forth at §A(2)(a) and (b) of this regulation; and

(2) A copy of the comprehensive plan is available to all staff members.

C. A provider shall post, immediately accessible to each telephone in the child care home, a notice stating the:

(1) 9-1-1 emergency telephone number to summon fire, police, and rescue services;

(2) Child care home's name, address, and telephone number;

(3) Telephone number of the protective services unit of the local department of social services;

(4) Telephone number of a poison control center;

(5) Name and telephone number of the local health department or a physician to consult about issues regarding health and illnesses;

(6) Name and telephone number of the available adult as required by COMAR 13A.18.08.02D; and

(7) Telephone number of the office.