.06 Hearing and Appeal Procedures.

A. Notice to Appellant.

(1) For non-emergency action hearings, the Office of Administrative Hearings shall, by regular mail, notify the Office and the appellant of the time, date, and place of the hearing at least 20 days in advance. For rescheduled non-emergency action hearings, a 10-day notice is required. For all emergency action hearings, at least 3 days advance notice is required.

(2) The notice to the appellant shall:

(a) Refer to the regulations governing the hearing procedure; and

(b) Advise the appellant of:

(i) The right to be represented by a lawyer;

(ii) The right to present documents and witnesses in support of the appeal;

(iii) Whom to call if the appellant cannot attend the hearing; and

(iv) The fact that failure to attend the hearing without good cause may lead to dismissal.

(3) The Office shall mail the appellant a copy of these administrative hearing regulations when the request for a hearing is filed.

B. Rescheduling of Non-emergency Action Hearings. The appellant, the Office, or the Office of Administrative Hearings may request a change in the hearing date. If the Office of Administrative Hearings finds that good cause for delay exists, another date shall be set. The time limit for rendering a decision established by Regulation .03B(4) is extended by the period of delay due to a postponement requested by the appellant.

C. Rescheduling of Emergency Action Hearings. Emergency action hearings may only be rescheduled by the Office of Administrative Hearings with the consent of both parties or on motion of a party, if substantial prejudice is demonstrated. Only one postponement of an emergency action hearing may be granted.

D. The appellant may examine the appellant's licensing record for the purpose of discovering information pertinent to the appeal before the hearing.

E. By agreement, the appellant and the Office may exchange witness lists and documents before the hearing.

F. The procedures in §§D and E of this regulation do not constitute good cause for delay of a hearing.