.05 Emergency Suspension.

A. The office may suspend a letter of compliance on an emergency basis when it is determined that this action is required to protect the health, safety, or welfare of a child in the facility.

B. The office shall hand deliver written notice of the emergency suspension to the operator stating:

(1) The regulatory basis for the suspension;

(2) That the operator shall immediately stop providing child care;

(3) That the operator is entitled to a hearing before the Superintendent within 7 calendar days of the operator's request for a hearing;

(4) That the Superintendent shall issue a decision concerning the emergency suspension within 7 calendar days of the hearing;

(5) That if the emergency suspension order is upheld, stoppage of child care at the center shall continue until it is determined that the health, safety, or welfare of a child in the facility is no longer threatened;

(6) That the suspension may lead to revocation; and

(7) That the operator is required to surrender the letter of compliance to the office when the suspension becomes effective.

C. The office shall notify the parents of the children in care of the emergency suspension.