.04 Intermediate Sanctions.

A. Upon a determination that an operator has violated the regulations of this subtitle, placing the health, safety, or welfare of children in care at risk, the office may:

(1) Restrict the ages or number of new children enrolled;

(2) Reduce the number of children in care;

(3) Require the operator or facility staff to participate in training in a specified content area;

(4) Increase the frequency of monitoring of the facility during a specified period of time;

(5) Enter into an agreement with the operator detailing requirements for remedying violations and achieving compliance; and

(6) Notify, or require the operator to notify, a parent of a child who may be affected by the situation for which an intermediate sanction has been imposed.

B. If the office determines that an operator has violated a condition or requirement of a sanction, the office may suspend or revoke the letter of compliance.