.02 Inspections.

A. An operator shall permit inspection by the agency representative of all areas of the facility regulated by this subtitle during the nursery school's or child care program's hours of operation without prior notice to the operator.

B. An operator may request satisfactory identification from the agency representative before admitting the representative for an inspection.

C. During an inspection, and upon request, an operator shall make the records required by this subtitle available to the agency representative for inspection and copying.

D. An agency representative shall inspect each facility:

(1) On an announced basis before the office issues an initial letter of compliance or a continuing letter of compliance; and

(2) On an unannounced basis, at least once:

(a) Within each 12-month period after the date that an initial letter of compliance or a continuing letter of compliance was issued; or

(b) If the facility is currently operating on a renewed letter of compliance, during the 12-month period following the calendar year in which the renewed letter was issued.

E. An operator may contest a finding of noncompliance with this subtitle by requesting a review of findings by the regional office or the central office of the Agency.