.02 First Aid and CPR.

A. At all times, including during an off-site activity, at least one individual who is responsible for supervision of children shall be present who holds a current certificate indicating successful completion of approved:

(1) Basic first aid training through the American Red Cross, or a program with equivalent standards; and

(2) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training through the American Heart Association, or a program with equivalent standards, which is appropriate to all child age groups for which the facility is approved.

B. A facility with an approved capacity of more than 20 children shall have in attendance, in a ratio of at least one staff member for every 20 children present, staff members who are currently certified in approved first aid and CPR as specified in §A of this regulation.

C. Whenever a child in care is being transported under child care facility auspices to or from the facility, there shall be at least one adult present in the vehicle who is currently certified in approved CPR and first aid. This requirement may be met by the driver of the vehicle.

D. §C of this regulation does not apply if the driver of the vehicle is a parent of a child in care who is designated by the child care facility operator to assist in transporting children in care.

E. An operator shall maintain first aid supplies as required by the office, conveniently accessible for each group of children at the facility and at an off-site activity.