.01 Building Safety.

A. An operator shall provide a building for a child care facility that is:

(1) Maintained in good repair;

(2) Free from health and safety hazards as identified by the office; and

(3) Clean and free from infestation of insects and rodents.

B. Except as set forth in §C of this regulation, the operator shall ensure that the child care facility complies with all applicable State and local codes, including but not limited to zoning, building, plumbing, gas, electrical, sewage disposal, drinking water, environment, health, and fire.

C. A child care facility for school age children that is located in a school building and operates before and after school hours is not required to comply with any regulation under this subtitle that relates to the physical plant of the facility if it exceeds requirements imposed by the county or the local board of education with respect to the school building.