.03 Plan of Operation.

A. An applicant for a center offering care under this chapter shall:

(1) Submit to and receive prior approval from the office, in consultation with the Maryland Department of Health and the health officer, of a written plan of operation for the center, including provision for health assessment of ill children; and

(2) Operate according to the approved plan.

B. An applicant shall include in the written plan of operation:

(1) Procedures to prevent the spread of disease, including general infection control procedures and methods of preventing the spread of airborne diseases, such as chicken pox and measles;

(2) Staff training requirements in the areas of prevention and control of communicable diseases and care of ill children;

(3) Staff education and experience in the health care field;

(4) Staff orientation in pediatric first aid, infection control, and facility policies;

(5) Staff/child ratios;

(6) The identity of an on-call health consultant;

(7) A definition of the population to be served and the criteria for admission, including exclusion policies;

(8) Procedures for preparing a written plan of care for each child upon admission to include instructions for care in emergencies, medications, and special medical and nonmedical treatments;

(9) Procedures for periodic reassessment of the child;

(10) Methods for establishing an individualized program of daily activities for each child;

(11) Staff information, including a staffing pattern;

(12) A list of materials, equipment, and furnishings; and

(13) Identification of buildings and rooms to be used for the program.