.02 Applicability of Subtitle.

An applicant for a center offering care under this chapter shall meet the requirements of this subtitle with the exception of:

A. COMAR 13A.16.05.12 concerning outdoor activity areas;

B. COMAR 13A.16.09.01 concerning schedule of daily activities for all children;

C. COMAR 13A.16.09.03B(1) and (2) concerning activity materials and equipment;

D. COMAR 13A.16.09.05A concerning carriages and strollers, if care is provided to children younger than 2 years old;

E. COMAR 13A.16.10.01A(3)(c) concerning emergency evacuation and disaster drills for children; and

F. COMAR 13A.16.11.01 concerning exclusion for acute illness.