.05 Food Preparation Area and Equipment.

A. Appliances and equipment in the food preparation area shall be:

(1) Cleaned and sanitized;

(2) In good repair;

(3) Capable of normal operation; and

(4) Not conducive to the harboring of insects and rodents.

B. Food contact surfaces shall be nontoxic, smooth, in good repair, and free of breaks, open seams, cracks, pits, and similar imperfections.

C. Refrigeration shall be:

(1) Of sufficient capacity to store all food and beverages that require refrigeration;

(2) Operated at or below 40 F; and

(3) Equipped with an indicating thermometer graduated at 2 F intervals.

D. All frozen food units shall be operated at 0 F or less, and shall be provided with an indicating thermometer.

E. Centers operating more than 4 consecutive hours shall provide refrigeration.

F. Except in a small center or when only snacks are provided by the operator, a separate handwashing sink which is equipped with soap and paper towels shall be provided in or adjacent to each food preparation area. Food preparation and utensil washing sinks may not be used for handwashing.

G. A cooking exhaust hood shall be provided when routine cleaning does not eliminate condensation or greasy film.

H. Utensils and equipment used for the preparation and service of food and beverages shall be cleaned, sanitized, air dried, and stored in a manner approved by the office.

I. Floors and walls in a food preparation area shall be easily cleanable and maintained in a clean condition.