.04 Rest Furnishings.

A. There shall be:

(1) A suitable cot or mat for each child 12 months old to 5 years old present in the center for more than 4 hours, and for children 5 years old or older who regularly take rest periods in the center;

(2) A suitable bed for each child who is 12 months old or older and who is present in the center during those hours which are usual nighttime sleep hours for that child;

(3) An adequate supply of clean bedding provided for each child who takes rest periods at the center; and

(4) A crib with a snugly fitting mattress, moisture-proof mattress covering, and tight fitting sheet for each child in the center who is:

(a) Younger than 12 months old; or

(b) An infant 12 months old or older or a toddler, if the child's parent requests a crib.

B. When in use, all cots, mats, and beds shall be appropriately spaced to facilitate safe movement and evacuation of staff and children.

C. Each crib shall meet the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

D. Stackable cribs may not be used.

E. Each crib in use shall be placed so that:

(1) It presents at least one long side without a wall, plexiglass panel, or other solid barrier;

(2) Unless separated from an adjacent crib by a solid barrier, it does not rest against the other crib; and

(3) There is a space of at least 3 feet if placed side-to-side and 18 inches if placed end-to-end between two adjacent cribs that are not separated by a solid barrier.

F. Soft bedding items, including but not limited to pillows, quilts, comforters, and crib bumpers, may not be used as rest furnishings for a child using a crib.