.03 Activity Materials, Equipment, and Furnishings.

A. For indoor and outdoor activities, an operator shall provide to each group of children in care a sufficient quantity and variety of activity materials, equipment, and furnishings according to the numbers, ages, and developmental needs of the children.

B. Activity materials and equipment shall be:

(1) Provided for:

(a) Vigorous play;

(b) Creative and dramatic play;

(c) Socialization;

(d) Manipulation, including construction materials;

(e) Exploration of art, music, language arts, and science; and

(f) Individual pursuits;

(2) Appropriate to each child's individual development of cognitive, social, emotional, and fine and gross motor skills;

(3) Easily accessible to each child for whose use they are intended; and

(4) In good repair, clean, nontoxic, and free from hazards including lead paint.

C. In reviewing materials and equipment in before-school and after-school programs, the office shall take into consideration that the child has attended an instructional program during regular school hours.

D. Furnishings used by a child shall be scaled in proportion to the child's size.

E. The operator shall provide multipurpose tables and chairs for children who are 2 years old or older.