.02 Activity Plans for Infants and Toddlers.

A. An operator shall assign one staff member primary responsibility for each infant or toddler in care during each staff shift.

B. Upon enrollment of an infant or toddler, the operator shall arrange for the director or senior staff, in consultation with the parent of the child, to prepare a written individualized activity plan for the child that:

(1) Addresses the child's normal pattern of activities, sleeping, and eating;

(2) Is consistent with the child's needs and capabilities;

(3) Identifies the staff member who is assigned primary responsibility for the care of the child during each staff shift;

(4) Ensures that the child is:

(a) Held, played with, and talked to;

(b) Except when sleeping, given opportunities to sit, crawl, toddle, or walk outside the infant's crib or playpen;

(c) Except in inclement weather, taken outdoors daily; and

(d) Diapered as needed and in accordance with the approved diapering procedure.

C. For an infant or toddler, the written activity plan required at the time of the child's admission to care shall be:

(1) Posted for reference in the space used by the child's group;

(2) Implemented by each staff member having responsibility for care of the child;

(3) Modified in consultation with the child's parent as necessitated by the child's developmental needs; and

(4) Reevaluated at least every 3 months.