.01 Individualized Attention and Care.

An operator shall ensure that:

A. Each child receives:

(1) Attention to the child's individual needs, including but not limited to:

(a) Making reasonable accommodations for a child with a disability; and

(b) Allowing an adult who provides specialized services to a child in care to provide those services on the facility premises as specified in the child’s individualized education plan, individualized family service plan, or written behavioral plan; and

(2) Adequate supervision and care at all times which is:

(a) Provided only by individuals who are designated by the operator to provide supervision and care; and

(b) Appropriate to the individual age, needs, and capabilities of the child;

B. Each staff member providing care to a child is:

(1) Oriented to the child's individual care needs; and

(2) Prepared to provide the appropriate individual care;

C. Written information about the child's individual needs that was supplied by the parent by the time of the child's admission to care is used by the operator to meet the child's individual care needs;

D. A child is under close and continuous supervision whenever using potentially dangerous activity materials or equipment such as scissors, sharp tools, or knives; and

E. A child is allowed to travel to or from school or a school transportation site without adult supervision only if:

(1) The child is in the first or a higher grade; and

(2) The child's parent and the operator agree in writing that the child can travel safely without adult supervision.