.12 Outdoor Activity Area.

A. A center shall have an outdoor activity area on the premises of, adjacent to, or near and safely accessible to the center that provides adequate usable play space for the approved capacity of the center.

B. A center for which a notice of intent, filed pursuant to COMAR 13A.16.02.02A(2), is received by the office on or after January 1, 2009, shall have an outdoor activity area that provides at least 75 square feet of usable play space for:

(1) One half of the approved capacity of the center; or

(2) Each child, if the center has an approved capacity of 20 or fewer children.

C. Usable play space may include only the area and the activity equipment approved for use by children in care.

D. The activity area shall be free from potential hazards to child health or safety.

E. All outdoor activity equipment shall be safe, in good repair, clean, and nontoxic.

F. Any pool on the premises of the facility shall be made inaccessible to children in care and have security features, including but not limited to a:

(1) Fence that surrounds the pool at least 4 feet in height;

(2) Self-closing and self-latching mechanism on the gate, door, or access to the pool;

(3) Lock that is operable and secured; and

(4) Sensor or alarm in the pool and on the access door.