.11 General Cleanliness and Disposal of Refuse.

A. The entire center, including floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, furnishings, materials, and equipment, shall be kept clean and free of infestation.

B. In a center for fewer than 12 children located in a residence, the requirements of §A of this regulation apply only to space approved for child care.

C. Cleaning may not be conducted while children are present except in emergencies or as clean up activities that are part of the daily activity program.

D. Disposal of Refuse.

(1) Each room used for child care shall have a trash container with a disposable liner.

(2) In each area used for changing diapers, there shall be a separate trash container reserved for diaper discards that:

(a) Has a disposable liner and tightly fitting lid;

(b) Makes the contents of the container inaccessible to children in care.

(3) All trash containers in child care areas shall be emptied when full but at least daily.

(4) Refuse that is placed outdoors to await collection shall be stored in receptacles that are:

(a) Made of tight, nonabsorbent, easily washable materials;

(b) Covered with tightly fitting lids; and

(c) Washed and treated with disinfectant when necessary to combat odors and prevent infestation.